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  • Relentless Marriage Toolkit by Diana Asaad  
  • Ultimate Relaxation Recording by Jennifer Carman 
  • 14 Days Without Sugar Guide by Magda Castaneda 
  • Discover How to Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Customers Without Spending a Dime on Marketing by Angel France Dugas 
  • $1,199 worth of savings and promotions from FASTSIGNS 
  • 27 Headline Formulas Guaranteed to Convert by Denise Fay 
  • 4 Easy Steps To Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans Digital Book by Cathy Frost 
  • A review of your current phone answering and follow-up process (or create one from scratch) and work one on one to customize your process with Howard Globus 
  • Creating Your Life and Business Based on Your H.A.R.D. Goals by Barbara Harrington 
  • The Ultimate Secure Retirement Roadmap by Dr. Fred Rouse 
  • The Course Creator SuperBundle by Suzi Seddon 
  • Graphics Branding Tutorial Video, Social Media Clever Caption Guide, and Social Media Timing Cheat Sheet by Mimi Sheffer 
  • It’s My Birthday Credit Promo by Russell Strickland 
  • Million Dollar Powerful Swipe file by Kim Walsh Phillips