Secrets From the Top Coaches, Experts, and Consultants



Have you ever been asked if someone can “pick your brain”? Or taken out for coffee to give someone else advice? If you have ever consulted on a project, program, service, or problem of someone else… you are an expert! And there are people waiting to hear from you right now about your expertise.  

In this behind-the-scenes peek into the lives and businesses of 24 industry experts, you'll learn strategies you can use over and over again to launch your message, grow your sales, and scale your business.  

The way to take this from dream to success is to take action right now. After all, the only things made to blend in are baking powder and lizards, not you. For you, my friend, were made to thrive.


Angel France Dugas, style expert and coach who teaches on how to dress to attract the clients you want without spending heaps of money. 

Barbara Harrington, professional coach who teaches you how to set your goals so they move from dream to reality so you accomplish everything you intended.

Brad Ross, magician and influencer who has helped himself and other business owners become the authority in their niche and set them apart from the crowd.

Cathy Frost, wellness expert who teaches how dieting should no longer be a factor. Instead you can focus on your metabolusm and water intake to stay in those skinny jeans forever.

Cheryl Schindler, social media expert who uses information found through these platforms to close more deals and increase profits.

Daniel Schindler, shotgun shooting instructor and coach who realized skills as a coach go beyond your indicvidual niche. Consult with those who have put in the work.

Denise Fay, marketing guru who shares how the words you choose will attract your target clients and keep them buying from you over and over again.

Diana Asaad, crisis marriage counselor who helps those struggling to learn how to embrace their blocks, granting you the ability to forge deeper relationships or grow your client base.

Dr. KAZ, elite performance coach who helps athletes and executives become unstuck and enables hem to succeed by maximizing their impact.

Dr. Fred Rouse, bestselling author and Certified Financial Planner who teaches how to make sure you have enough in retirement savings without depending on the stock market to grow your account.

Howard Globus, IT security expert who provides customer service solutions for small businesses via the first point of contact for many--the phone system.

Jennifer Carman, parenting coach who uses humor to provide help through roadblocks and hurdles.

Jon Toy, visual sign creator who shares techniques to stand out amongst your competitors when you're all fighting for the same consumers.

Lola White, wellness coach who shares how her own self-healing inspired her to teach other women to love themselvers through healthy eating.

Magda Castañeda, Registered Nurse and coach who assists others in lowering their sugar intake to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Marie-Paule Sinyard, kitchen design expert whose own near-death experience helps guide others to embrace fear and use it to accomplish their goals.

Mimi Sheffer, social media coach who shares how building your brand leads to more clients and generates more revenue.

Ray Miller, nutrition practitioner and healer who assists patients in diagnosing pain, often caused by internal stressors, and lead a healthier life.

Dr. Russell Strickland, dissertation coach and adviser who counsels adults on how self-doubt and perfectionism can be redirected to get them to their goal quicker.

Suzi Seddon, digital course maven who switched her focus at the age of 56 by forming a Facebook group to launch a digital course and monetize her audience without spending any money out of pocket.

Tami Santini, destination wedding coach who learned how the power of "no" transformed her mindset, shifted her focus, and helped her captialize on selling her knowledge to other travel agents.

Dr. Teri Rouse, educator and parental support guur whose own blended family experience helped her become an advocate for youths struggling both academically and emotionally.

Val Heart, animal communicator who realized that better communication with animals leads to better communication with all the humans in your life.

Kim Walsh Phillips, Founder of Powerful Professional Business Coaching, empowering entrepreneurs to fulfill their purpose while scaling their business profitably.